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The Minister of the Armenian Memorial Church provides spiritual leadership, welfare, and pastoral care for the congregation and works collaboratively and collegially with church leadership to provide oversight and direction for the church as a whole and its broad range of programs. The Minister is a disciple and servant of Jesus Christ, of good reputation and established character, sound in faith and doctrine, and qualified to teach and preach the Word of God. 


The Minister should desire to imitate Christ’s holiness and pursue the fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22, Fruit of the Spirit: “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”  

The ideal minister for the Armenian Memorial Church will be inspiring, confident, engaging, and a shepherd and active leader of the congregation. We are seeking a minister with a strong pulpit presence who will deliver inspired preaching related to current events using examples not only from the Bible but also from his/her life experience. The minister will have a sound faith foundation and will be able to teach scripture in an engaging and relatable way. As the leader of the church family, the minister will need to be someone energetic, approachable, and outgoing who will reach out to the congregation while also working to build our church’s outreach to the community we serve. Finally, we believe a warmth of heart and a passion to serve God are essential as they will enable all the rest.  


Strategic Leadership and Planning 

The Minister is responsible for providing leadership in strategic planning and coordinating the execution of the church’s purpose as stated in the AMC Vision Statement. The Minister will define strategic goals and vision as a leader for the   staff, the lay leadership team, and the congregation and implement the plan by: 

  • Coordinating/leading regular meetings and other activities to clarify and execute goals and objectives. 

  • Evaluating the spiritual pulse of the congregation and addressing issues with the church leadership. 

  • Overseeing the staff, facilities, and programs to ensure that they are effectively aligned to meet strategic goals. 

  • Fostering an environment that encourages innovative thinking in the advancement of the Church. 

  • Presenting periodic and annual status reports to the congregation. 

  • Meeting regularly with the Moderator(s) and Board Chairs to discuss church operations, and address concerns and challenges. 

Worship & Pastoral Care 

  • Through the Word of God, teach, preach, administer the Sacraments, and lead worship. 

  • Bring a vitality and relevance to the worship service that is inviting and meets the needs of the congregation through dynamic, engaging presence on the pulpit. 

  • Introduce creative methods of sharing the gospel to instill in parishioners a love of Christ. 

  • Coordinate pastoral care of church members through individual/family counseling, premarital counseling, grief/bereavement counseling, and conflict resolution. 

  • Provide pastoral care/counseling regarding weddings, funerals, home and hospital visits, baptism, and preparation for communion.

  • Make regular and timely home/hospital/nursing home visits to congregation members as appropriate. 


Faith Formation (Adults, Youth, Young Professionals) 

  • Provide overall direction and leadership to the church; guide and challenge its spiritual growth. 

  • Lead, plan, and execute faith formation/Christian education programs for all ages. 

  • Ensure Christian education resources, programs, curriculum development, and staffing are in place to serve the needs of children and youth. Be active in the growth of the Sunday School. 

Membership Growth/Community Outreach 

  • Represent our church regarding spiritual, cultural, community, or charitable events and activities sponsored by local, national, and international organizations. Provide leadership in such events and activities, as approved by the church leadership. 

  • Develop programs to attract and retain new families to AMC. 

  • Conduct new member confirmation classes. 

  • Take an active role in missions and community outreach. 



  • Graduate of accredited theological seminary (Master of Divinity) 

  • Acceptable denominational ordination (or working toward ordination). 

Experience & Professional Development 

  • Bilingual (Armenian/English) strongly preferred but not required. Familiar with Armenian culture; open to learning Armenian. 

  • Previous experience in pastoral ministry preferred. 

  • Participate in continuing education programs to bring new ideas and best practices into AMC church life. 

Communication Skills 

  • Able to articulate the gospel message and relate personal faith 

  • Ability to deal respectfully and cooperatively despite differences in personalities, ages, cultural backgrounds, theological perspectives, socio-economic backgrounds, and languages. 

  • Provide clear direction and coordinate activities with church staff (Office Administrator, Music Director, Youth Director). 

Administrative & Technical Skills 

  • Administrative and organizational skills and abilities (MS Office Suite, Google Workspace, Zoom, social media). 

  • Collaborate with the Office Administrator to ensure the effective functioning of the church office.

  • Attend all Leadership, Church Council, Congregational, and Board meetings; and other meetings as required. 

  • Use technology to create and deliver messages using multimedia tools: PowerPoint, Video/Audio, Livestreaming, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, and e-marketing.


  • File monthly reports to leadership on ministry goals, accomplishments, and activities. 

  • Meet with the Pastor Relations Committee as determined by the Moderator and Minister to ensure clear lines of communication are maintained and issues are resolved. 

  • The Minister will receive an annual performance evaluation and review of the compensation package.

To Apply

Please email cover letter and resume to:


Or Mail to:

Armenian Memorial Church

32 Bigelow Ave

Watertown, MA 02472

Attn: Minister Search

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