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About Us

Our History

In 1897, seven Armenian men immigrated to the United States from Marash, Turkey, to escape the impending killing of Armenians. Encouraged by their families, they intended to help them immigrate as well. Having known each other in Marash, they found one another in the South End of Boston.  


     Soon they found the American missionaries they had met in Marash and asked for guidance in this new land. In a sense their lives were starting again. Lonely and uncertain of the future, they were greeted warmly. The missionaries provided advice on housing, work, and interaction with Americans. 

 Despite the many challenges these men faced coming to a new country with virtually nothing, they cherished their Christian faith and gathered for Bible studies. As other Armenian families arrived, their study group grew larger. Their missionary friends kindly offered the Massachusetts Congregational Church Headquarters conference room for their meetings.    


   In 1915, these Armenian Protestants were encouraged to incorporate by the Massachusetts Congregational Church. With faith, they began. They chose the name Cilician Armenian Memorial Church (Congregational): “Cilicia” because this was the section of Turkey where Marash was located; “Memorial” in memory of family and friends killed by the Turks during the genocide that was occurring.  In 1959, the Church was renamed the Armenian Memorial Church.


To follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ whom we have accepted as our personal and loving savior. 

We are committed to worship God in spirit and in truth, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We worship with all our heart, soul and mind, in a service that is relevant and friendly. Our worship must nurture and encourage believers to feel the presence of the living God.


We are committed to prayer as the foundation of life. We teach and encourage everyone to know the power of prayer and to go to the Father for guidance, comfort, healing and wisdom. Prayer will bring healing where there is hurt, forgiveness where there is anger, and love where there is dissention. 


Our unconditional love and acceptance encourages others to explore and grow in their journey of faith. We provide an educational ministry to children, youth and adults, so that each person will grow in understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

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