Update 5/22/2020

Dear Armenian Memorial Church Family and Friends,


We pray and hope that this finds you and yours well and healthy in God.


We were excited by the recent announcement by Governor Baker in the opening of places of worship in the state of Massachusetts.


The leaders of Armenian Memorial Church had been in discussion over the past week and were waiting for the Governor to come out with the guidelines we needed before we could develop a plan. We are in the process of reviewing the specific guidelines/requirements for houses of worship in the specific context of our church.


We will be working on developing a plan and a timeline to slowly reopen the church insuring we meet all the specific guidelines required by our church leaders and the state.  We will continue to keep the congregation and our church community updated on the details of the opening, but keep in mind that this will take some time and your patience and understanding will be appreciated.


Not all churches are the same and what might be right for one church may not be suitable for the needs of our parishioners and the surrounding churches.  We will always make decisions in this matter with the upmost concern for the AMC congregation, the church and its facility.


Please continue to pray for our church, our Minister and the entire congregation as we work through the issues so that one day we will all be together worshipping as one family at the Armenian Memorial Church.


Be safe and may God bless each and every one of you.




Minister and AMC Church Leaders





Update 3/17/2020

Dear Armenian Memorial Church Family,


This email is to inform you all that effective immediately, ALL church activities are CANCELLED.  Amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) public health emergency, the church is effectively going into physical shut down starting immediately and continuing into the unforeseen future.  This means that:

  • Sunday worship services are cancelled as the church building will be closed.

  • All meetings typically occurring at the church will either be held virtually or cancelled.  If you are a Board or Committee member please contact your Board or Committee Chairperson for guidance on your meeting schedules.

  • The Siloam Church and the BNI business networking group that use our church building on a weekly basis will not be using the church during the shut down.

  • All church employees that routinely come to the building - Badveli, June, and Sona will be working from home. 

  • The Organists will not be coming into the church building. 

  • The Custodians will not be coming to the church building for weekly cleaning.

  • We ask that NO ONE enters the church for any reason.  We have a coverage plan in place to pick up mail and inspect the church a few times a week, we will insure the building remains in good shape.

While this might seem like a drastic measure to take, its critical to the safety of our church family that we adhere to this guidance.  


Badveli will continue his sermons every Sunday from his home.  These sermons will all be available for the congregation on the church website, www.ArmenianMemorialChurch.org.  We are also trying to make arrangements for the sermons to be available live and as they happen.  Last Sunday Badveli did this via Facebook Live, we are exploring other options to share his sermons live as not all of the congregation has a Facebook account.  We will keep you posted.


During this time, donations/pledges can be mailed to the church, the mail will be checked and picked up.  Also if you have a SimpleChurch account donations can be made that way.  Donations can also be made by texting to SimpleChurch @  617-500-1873.


We hope and pray that the coming weeks are healthy for all of us and our families.  We will continue to provide updates via email and on the church website.  We hope that this will pass uneventfully, that authorities will provide the necessary guidance, and that we will be able to return to church soon, hopefully in time for Easter.


Thank you,


Sarkis Chekijian, Co-Moderator

Vahe Nigoghosian, Co-Moderator

On behalf of the Deacons of the Armenian Memorial Church, I would like to share with you some
thoughts on the steps the church leadership had to take to keep us all as safe as possible.Closing the
church is done with an abundance of care about our physical well-being. At the same time, the church is
not a place but rather the members who would come together to worship there. We are the church and
we can still pray together and support each other in these difficult times.

Even though we can not meet at Bigelow Ave, the spirit of God who supports us is with us and is working
through us. We need to check on each other and share our needs with each other so we can feel god’s
presence in our lives. As the Minster says to us “God is good all the time”. He will be calling on all of us
to check on how we are doing and to assess our needs. There are many members of our church who
have volunteered to help people with errands and anything else that needs to be done. Please let the
Minister or any of the Deacons know how we can help you.

Remember that we are still a church family even though circumstances are keeping us apart physically.
Call and check on each other, support each other, and share the needs that you know about with others
in the church so we can help each other come through this difficulty with faith, strength, and conviction.

Armen Dohanian Jr.

617-923-0498 or 617-923-2981

32 Bigelow Ave.

Watertown MA 02472

Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Minister: Rev. Dr. Avedis Boynerian

Office Administrator: Ms. Sona Ashjian